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N O T   M O L E M A N

What do you do?

“I write and perform funny stuff. Sometimes I’ll also write non-funny stuff, but I won’t perform that. Of course by funny, I meant ‘attempted funny’.”


“I’m not really good at anything else. I weigh 8 and a half stone, so manual labour is out of the question – and I don’t have a great brain on me. I seem to be all right at this sort of thing, so I might as well stick with it; for a while at least.”

How do I get as good as you?

“Well that’s subjective isn’t it. Peter Lupton (a young man who follows my work obsessively like I am some kind of comedy messiah) would say you’d have to work 24/7 for 10 years before you’re as good as me, but that stone-faced woman in the front row at last night’s gig would argue that everyone is all ready a million times better than me. I am aware that didn’t answer your question, but I’m sticking with it ’cause the use of the word ‘subjective’ made me sound a little bit clever. ”


Arron Ferguson is one-half of comedy act Not Moleman. You can follow them on Twitter HERE, watch their videos HERE, and find out more info, including live performances HERE!

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