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L U C Y   V   H A Y

What do you do?

I’m a novelist, script editor, producer & blogger who helps writers via my Bang2write consultancy at www.bang2write.com.

I’m also trained teacher and Educational Director for The London Screenwriters’ Festival; I helped set up the event in 2010. I am Head Reader for its many screenwriting competitions and initiatives.

My YA novel, BAUCHENTSCHEIDUNG (GUT DECISION) was published by Rowohlt, Berlin in January 2013 and my first non fiction book, WRITING AND SELLING THRILLER SCREENPLAYS is available for pre-order via Amazon, and out August 29th 2013.

My previous script editing credits include dark Brit Thriller DEVIATION, which stars King of the Indies Danny Dyer and Hellboy 2’s Anna Walton; also Triad Gangster Thriller ACT OF GRACE, starring Leo Gregory and Jody Latham (SHAMELESS).

What’s next – I’m currently working on the English version of Bauchentscheidung (which is with UK publishers atm) and an as yet untitled Rom Com novel. I’m also working on two genre movies with my main collaborator JK Amalou, which should go into production towards the end of the year. Oh – and script reading, of course!

Why do you do it?

I can’t not. I’ve tried; it’s not pretty. Let me write, produce, script-edit, organise, etc, and nobody gets hurt. Simple as that.

How do I get as good as you?

Don’t worry about being as good as me – or anyone else. Be the best you can be. You make your own path. Never forget that. And say yes to everything; never rule anything out. Who knows where it’ll take you?


Many thanks to Lucy for her time. Why not follow her on Twitter, join the Bang2Writers on Facebook, or check out the website?

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