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K I D D   W O L F F

What do you do?

I’m a creative person so that manifests itself mainly through my music, but also art, poetry, photography, all sorts. I enjoy making things, whether they’re good or not is another matter, but it’s extremely cathartic once I’ve written a song, or drawn something, or scribbled down some words in my notebook. It’s a release.


I think that with today’s always-on, instant mass-media, there’s a lot of focus on consumption as opposed to creation. There’s endless TV to watch, things to see, hear, do, you’re spoilt for choice, and it can be very distracting. It’s important to remember to express yourself through the things you make and the actions you take, because that’ll be your legacy. It’s what makes you ‘you’.

How do I get as good as you?

Stay focused, stay organised. Give yourself time to be inspired by others and read up about your influences, but then put away your laptop, your phone, and make something. Anything. The more you do it, the better you’ll get. And you might find out something new about yourself along the way.


View Kidd Wolff’s legacy HERE, check his musical output HERE, and follow him on Twitter HERE.

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