“It’s happening tonight! It’s happening tonight!”, chant the assembled Muppets, namely a flailing-armed Kermit, that bear fellow and Miss Piggy, all in black hoods carrying burning staffs.

They walk towards a cauldron, in which is a photograph of Piers Morgan in a light-toned wooden frame.

“What shall we do with the infidel?”, asks the bear fellow. A deep, husky Kermit responds.

“We must finish what he has begun.”

They pour some sort of oily liquid over the photo in the cauldron, which melts. They all cheer and high-five.

A hooded-gang raids a corner shop; mainly stealing chocolate bars, which they sell on at their own shop for mega-profit. Apart from one member (identical to the Dad from The Kumars At No. 42), who feels guilty, and returns all that he took.

I buy a Kinder Egg.

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