Never one to shy away from milking a good idea, here are all the TV show ideas that didn’t make the cut in the previous post.

“Boots n’ Cats: Dick Whittington’s Beatboxing Adventure”.

Some sort of cross between Poirot and Superman?

“Limbs – A Guide To Assorted Extremities”.

“Kids Say The Funniest Racial Slurs”.

“All You Need To Know About Superfluous Information, And More”.

“An Introduction To Erotic Cave Art”.

“The World’s Deadliest Cornfields”.

“History Mysteries”.

“Overdrawn” – A glimpse into the financially devastating world of curtain addiction.

“Foresight” – Two teams battle it out to guess which items of the present day will become future valuable antiques.

“On The Level: A History Of Shelving”.


“Juicy Loans With Lucie Jones” – The X Factor’s Lucie Jones investigates profitable money-lending schemes.

“The ? Factor” – Like ‘The X Factor’, but where the talent is genuinely indescribable, and/or bamboozling.

“The Heinz 57 Variety Performance”.

“Crime Scene Investigators Investigators” – Presenting a forensic investigation of forensic investigation programmes.

“A Long Or Short History Of Indecision” – Possibly hosted by James May.

“The World’s Sexiest Ghosts” – A countdown of the most sensual spiritual encounters ever caught on camera.

“Craig Potters” – Elbow’s Craig Potter ambles around 17th Century furnaces, retrieving items of ceramic and clay that may be of historical value.

“Living Davina Loca” – Davina McCall uncovers the upsetting, and often hilarious, heritage of Spanish female mental asylums.

“SuiPsy’d” – Terminally ill patients are assisted in death by South Korea’s biggest musical export.

“Nude Beekeeping”.

“A Cat Amongst The Pigeons” – Cat Deeley investigates filth levels in Trafalgar Square, using only her tongue to lap up samples.

“The Anal Detectives” – Documentary following a meticulous and compulsive police-force solving scatological crimes.

“David Starkey’s Royal Genitalia”.

“More Moore’s Moors & Mires” – Another series of Roger Moore’s ground-squelching documentary about British marshland.

“Ape Expectations” – David Attenborough reveals the top 50 primate misconceptions.

“Stumped!” – A quiz show for cricketing amputees.

“Hooked!” – A group of pop songwriters become addicted to fishing.

“Folking Kants” – A troupe of Immanuel Kant impersonators start a band to spread their own brand of philosophical soft-rock.

“Court In The Act” – After being mistaken for a high court judge, a method actor becomes embroiled in a web of revenge, anxiety, and tennis.

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