This interview was published in the Watford Observer on Friday 14th June 2013. You can see the online version here!

Tweet-tWOo: Who are you and what do you do?

@pariisians: We are Pariis Opera House – an electronic duo comprised of @kiddwolff & @_HyperLion. We are composers/producers/remixers.

Have you a rich, striking interior, do you mainly work with operas?

We have a poor, dull interior, and are likely to end up as a side-show attraction on Oprah.

Why Pariis Opera House and not Paris Opera House? Or indeed, The Royal Opera House?

Initally we were called Paris Opera House, but they threatened us with an £11m lawsuit. “Aye aye” we answered. It stuck.

 How/where/when did you both meet?

Not sure of the century, but on a rogue exo-planet named Kepllerstorm. We’ve only just reached Earth. It’s quite nice.

Why did you decide to join forces?

Music seems to be full of talented duos. We produce our best work when we combine ideas.

So who has the biggest ego?

Well, @kiddwolff has the biggest ego, but @_HyperLion has the biggest alter-ego (Captain Enormous).

Who are your musical influences?

Mew, Justice, Liszt, Daft Punk, Rachmaninov, Yuksek, Holst, SebastiAn.

What do you sound like?

All of the above, in a blender.

Tell me about the new single.

We’ve got Digitalism, Klaxons, Daft Punk, Calvin Harris, Justice, Mark Ronson et al, what do we need Pariis Opera House for?

They all do their own thing really well. We take different elements from all our influences to form something new.

Who’s the best looking member of Pariis Opera House?

Our roadie, Luggo.

Where do you make your music?

In our studios in Watford and Harrow.

You’ve covered One Direction, James Arthur and The Wanted… are you selective about music you remix? How do you pick tracks?

In the case of The Wanted, Island Records picked us! We like to see how far we can push pop music out of its comfort zone.

How did you guys feel about Island picking you? Your music has been on Hollyoaks too hasn’t it?

Thrilled they’d give a new act such a high-profile gig! Our music and faces have appeared on Hollyoaks at various points.

And finally, where can we hear you?

Listen at www.soundcloud.com/pariisians, like us at www.facebook.com/pariisians, and everywhere else search for ’Pariisians’!

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