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P A U L   T I P L E R

What do you do?

I’m a record producer, mixer, and engineer. I make songs into finished pieces of music.

I listen to your songs, go to rehearsals and help with arrangements, and then go into the recording studio and record them in what I believe to be the best way for that particular song, trying to get the best vibes and takes on ‘tape’ and make the most of the dynamics of the track so it sounds ‘great’ coming out of a pair of speakers/headphones.


I got into recording after being bitten by the music-bug when I was about 13-years old and got into punk/new wave.

Our local youth club got a 4-track recorder from the Princes Trust and I was hooked. Five years later I was in London working in a professional studio making records with some of my heroes. Weird.

How do I get as good as you?

I think lots of things make you good at your job.

Experience is vital. But the best experience is learning from your peers as I did. People who worked on records by The Jam, The Police, Adam And The Ants, XTC, Simple Minds, and many more, taught me how to record properly, and how to adapt to the politics of a recording session – as in when it was and wasn’t okay to have an opinion in the studio…

It takes years from making tea, to tape-opping and assisting, to engineering and then onto production.

Keep learning. You’ll never know enough.


You can follow Paul on Twitter @Tipler, or if you require his musical expertise, check out the website for ‘Unit 13 Studios’ at www.paultipler.com.

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